As parents this is what we all hope school will be for our children

But all too often this is what we get...frustration, anger, giving up...

Even the brightest child can feel trapped

Our unique approach will help your child unlock their potential and enjoy the process

And we do mean unique!

In fact, Oakstone Academy is the ONLY school of its kind.  Our founder, Dr Rebecca Morrison, developed the school because parents…very politely but insistently…asked for it.

Oakstone specializes in educating children with special needs and neuro-typical peers to the highest level possible.  That might sound weird or awkward to the uninitiated.  “You’re going to put autistic children, kids with attention decifict disorder, AND typical kids all in the same classroom?  AND you think you’re going to have better results?  How is that even possible?”

Okay, I’ll admit, it does seem too good to be true, and there is a price, but Oakstone delivers on a promise that other schools could only dream of.  The secret sauce is in very small teacher to student ratios and close supervision.  It sounds simple, right?

Before we get too much farther, let me introduce myself.  I’m not the principal, or the founder, or even a teacher at Oakstone.  I’m a parent.  I have two children who go to school here.  One on the autistic spectrum, and one “typical peer” which is teacher-ese for regular kids.  

When my wife first toured Oakstone and saw a classroom, she asked, “Where are the autistic children?”  

“You’re looking at them.”

It was hard to believe looking at what appeared to be normal kids doing normal things mostly independently in the classroom.  Well, Logan wasn’t going to be confused for a non-autistic kid any time soon.  But by the end of his first  year, he was fooling touring parents too, and scoring within  the average range for his grade on standardized tests.

The difference Oakstone has made in his life is simply amazing.  But what about his brother, Corban?  The one not on the spectrum.  Well, that’s the interesting thing about Oakstone.  

For their unique model to work, they need “typical” kids as well as children with autism or ADD.  It’s a mixed classroom environment, where the typical kids can serve as role models.  But the typical kids aren’t mentors, or special partners.  They’re just classmates.  

Corban gets many of the same benefits as Logan, the ultra low teacher ratio and close supervision combined with a standards-based approach to learning.  That means that no matter whether your child is autistic or “typically gifted” they’re going to be held to at least the same standard as public schools, and probably higher.  But Corban also gets the benefit of growing up in an environment that fosters greater tolerance and understanding than a public school classroom.

And as for my wife and I, we also get one car ride, and one start time, and one schedule of special events, not to mention the sibling discount!

I really can’t recommend Oakstone highly enough, whether your child is autistic or typical, challenged or gifted.  Oakstone provides an amazing educational experience. 

Now about that price I mentioned above… Oakstone is expensive.  It costs a lot of money to run such low teacher to student ratios, so here are some important  things to know:

  • Siblings get a discount
  • Typical peers get a discount
  • Oakstone can accept McKay and PLSA Gardiner Scholarships.
  • Oakstone is a 501(3)(c) charitable organization and employs fundraising to help reduce tuition costs.

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