About Oakstone Academy Palm Beach

Oakstone Academy is dedicated to providing an excellent education for all children, inspiring and empowering them to reach their own unique potential. This is a school like no other in the nation. It was founded on the concept of providing a challenging academic experience partnered with high standards for social behavior, while including children on the autism spectrum. The result is a highly-rated private school that offers a competitive college preparatory curriculum. In this unique environment, we have found that all students thrive. Students without disabilities benefit by developing leadership and service skills that not only build self-esteem, but act as a basis for future success. Those with disabilities are immersed in daily activities with peers and are supported to maximize their membership and overall success. Our faculty and parents work together to help each child towards fulfillment as a total person: one who has a sense of understanding and compassion for others, as well as courage to act on their beliefs.

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