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Rebecca Morrison, PhD

Dr. Rebecca Morrison holds multiple degrees, including a PhD in Special Education and Applied Behavioral Analysis, master’s in Educational Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Social Work.

Dr. Morrison has also had a distinguished career in various capacities including serving as an Adjunct Professor for Special Education and Applied Behavioral Analysis for Ohio State University. She has also published numerous educational publications and has been a lecturer on the national stage on topics such as: “Teaching Independent Skills to Learners with Autism”, “Behavioral Interventions for Students with Autism”, and “Curriculum Strategies for Children with Disabilities”, just to name a few.

Dr. Morrison has also earned awards for her groundbreaking work and service in the education, autism and special needs community. It is Dr. Morrison’s leadership, dedication and vision that enabled her to found Oakstone Academy Ohio from scratch in 2000, and turn it into a premier elementary, middle and high school institution that develops all children, both typical and those with special needs, to their full potential.

In 2011, a group of Florida families looking for an alternative to the lack of quality educational choices available for both their typical and special needs children teamed up with Dr. Morrison to bring her proven social immersion educational model of excellence to Florida, and with it an opportunity for students whose parents are looking to provide them with a top notch education.

At Oakstone Academy Palm Beach we continue to work with Dr. Morrison, to bring her social immersion educational model to our children and strive to ensure our school is best in class – following in the groundbreaking footsteps of Oakstone Academy Ohio.