Love is in the air… the love of READING! Each time we open a book, we enter a portal to another world with adventures and engaging stories that tickle a wide spectrum of emotions. We feel warm fuzzies, hairraising frights, excited tingles, happy tears and shivers down our spines. The relationships we develop with books at a young age sets a pattern of how we feel about reading for the rest of our lives. So, we feel that celebrating the launch of our Oakstone Academy Student Library on Valentine’s Day is a match made in literary heaven!

Adopt a Puppy
What’s more exciting than adopting a puppy? Each Oakstone student is taking home a furry friend with a special Valentine’s Day message to help celebrate our school-wide love for reading. The addition to your family comes with a special promise – your child will commit to reading to the new puppy to help build confidence. Oh, we forgot to mention upfront that no house training is needed as they are cute little stuffies! 🙂

Valentine Postcards
It has been a challenging year, and we are so proud of all our students. They are flexible, understanding, patient and kind through every unexpected bump in the road. We want to express our love and appreciation by mailing physical postcards with personal touches to every student. Since children normally do not receive mail, we think this is the perfect Valentine’s Day heartfelt surprise from our teachers.

Library Launch
The NEW Oakstone Academy Student Library is launching with over 1,000 stories to checkout! Each book is labeled with the reading level (prek-high school) so we may choose options that are perfect for improving your child’s fluency.
Library COVID Safety Policy: The library is hands-on for students only after a book is assigned. All of the titles are listed and labeled in a digital database. This online system allows teachers to help students choose a book, and a staff member pulls it from the shelf. The story is then placed inside a large ziplock bag, and only the assigned student is permitted to handle the book.
Once returned, the book is placed in quarantine before another child may check it out of the library. Physical browsing is not permitted for students at this time, but they are welcome to search our online database on the school’s website.
As a sweet treat for our dedicated educators,we are including a teacher library with continuing education resources that includes a wide range of special topics from autism and education to leadership and communication.
*Detailed library rules will be listed on the website library page. The NEW online library page will be active on Valentine’s Day, February 14th!

If you would like to help support our library launch with a monetary and/or book donation, please contact admin. (561)585-7800

*Due to COVID, we are currently limiting tours to ensure the safety of all students, both current and prospective.