Oakstone Academy Student Library 

Love is in the air… the love of READING! Each time we open a book, we enter a portal to another world with adventures and engaging stories that tickle a wide spectrum of emotions. We feel warm fuzzies, hairraising frights, excited tingles, happy tears and shivers down our spines. The relationships we develop with books at a young age sets a pattern of how we feel about reading for the rest of our lives. So, we feel that celebrating the launch of our Oakstone Academy Student Library on Valentine’s Day is a match made in literary heaven!

*Our library is officially open! Teachers are reviewing policies with students and assisting with book choices from our digital inventory. Check-outs begin on Friday, February 26! Students may exchange books on Fridays until the end of our school year. 

COVID Precautions

  • Digital Browsing: Students & teachers search for books in our digital shelves. Only designated librarians retrieve books from the physical library.

  • Designated Librarians: Only designated librarians are permitted to retrieve books for student checkouts. The librarian sanitizes hands and slips on plastic disposable gloves before approaching the library.

  • Sanitized Travel Bags: Once a librarian retrieves a book, it is placed into a sanitized plastic ziplock bag for the student.

  • Book Quarantine: Each book is placed in a quarantine for 1 week. After quarantine, the book may be checked out by another student.