The elementary years are an exciting time for learning, both academically and socially. Elementary classrooms at Oakstone Academy offer exciting opportunities for developing academic competency and personal growth. From full-day kindergarten through fifth grade children are offered a range of hands-on experiences, collaborative learning groups, and other more traditional methods. Taking the best from empirically-based traditional instruction and combining it with innovative approaches provides the balance for developing solid academic foundations in Reading and Math, with the excitement and fun of learning through multiple modalities and real-life experiences. Computers are accessible and provide a venue for developing technology skills. Instruction in Spanish, Art, Physical Education, and Music provide a richer education for all students. Smart Board technology is available as well.

The elementary school curriculum emphasizes academic achievement and highlights the importance of respect and social growth through Character Education. Small classrooms with 15 to 18 students are supported with an average student-teacher ratio of 1:6. The low student-teacher ratios allow children to move at their own pace with close guidance as needed. Our classrooms are uniquely suited for gifted students who are able to move rapidly through the curriculum.

Middle School

The Middle School Program provides engaging and interactive instruction to students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Curriculum is offered in Spanish, Art, Music, and Physical Education. Critical thinking, various modalities of instruction and learning, as well as Character Education work together to offer quality programming. In our program, students work together to nurture each other and commit to a vision of inclusion and kindness to others. Our low average ratio of 1:6 allows teachers to create a meaningful bond and provide intervention or enrichment. Students benefit from small class sizes where they receive personalized attention and guidance.

Spanish is taught in middle school, students also enjoy classes in art, music, physical education, health, and character education and social skills. Students benefit from small class sizes where they receive personalized attention and guidance if needed. Classes are limited to no more than 18 students with one licensed teacher and one or two teaching assistants. For students that are academically prepared advanced classes in english, math, science, and Spanish are available.

Summer Program

Oakstone Academy conducts a Summer Program for children based on demand and available staffing. While we will not offer summer programming in the 2016-17 school year, we hope to offer it again next year. 90% of students who attended our last summer program maintained or increased learning and social gains. Parent, staff, and student feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Due to the rigorous nature of our academic year programming, we concentrate on enjoying a little learning in the summer while having fun!

Our summer program includes water play, team building activities, group games, Reading, and Math. The program is conducted by Oakstone staff. All participating students must be Oakstone students or be screened in advance. The program generally runs for 4 weeks from 9:00-2:00. We do not offer intensive intervention in the summer by design. The program is designed to maintain academic, language, and social gains. However, we did find that many children do make gains as a result of our programming.

Reduce your stress, plan for your child’s summer needs early by reserving their place in our Summer Program now!