Space Adventure Hybrid In-School Field Trip

Oakstone Academy’s first in-school hybrid field trip was a success!
The day was filled with interdisciplinary STEAM-based activities. Our young astronauts virtually explored the universe during a space travel simulation with images from NASA projected on a large screen. They also constructed buildings for a Martian city, designed Mars rovers and colored geometric spaceships. Everyone was inspired by the story of Mae Jeminson, the first African American woman in space. Our elementary students read “Mae Among the Stars,” and our middle and high schoolers learned more about her life and aspirations during an interview.
We hope all of our Oakstone astronauts had a blast during our first virtual hybrid in-school field trip!

Our Space Adventure was scheduled on the same date Perseverance landed on Mars. The new rover on the Red Planet has 4 main science objectives.

  • Geology: Study the rocks and landscape at its landing site to reveal the region’s history

  • Astrobiology: Determine whether an area of interest was suitable for life, and look for signs of ancient life itself

  • Sample Caching: Find and collect promising samples of Mars rock and soil that could be brought back to Earth in the future

  • Prepare for Humans: Test technologies that would help sustain human presence on Mars someday

Click here to learn more on NASA’s website!