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Your Gardiner SUFS and McKay scholarships apply to your tuition at Oakstone.  If you don’t already have a scholarship, we can help walk you through your options.

Typical Peers

Our unique program mixes autistic and other special needs children with typical peers. Research shows this approach benefits the “normal” children as much as the exceptional children.

Oakstone isn’t just for children on the autism spectrum!

Oakstone Academy Palm Beach is dedicated to providing education for children with and without Autism and related disorders. We are dedicated to providing an excellent education for all children, inspiring and empowering them to reach their own unique potential. For children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), we are committed to providing empirically based and quality-driven services that will also serve their families and others who work with them. We believe in the potential of individuals with ASD to be competent learners and important contributing members of our community.

At Oakstone Academy Palm Beach, faculty and parents work together to help each child toward fulfillment as a total person; one who has a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and courage to act on their beliefs. Children with and without disabilities benefit from belonging to a group of one’s peers. It is in childhood that we learn to resolve conflict, compromise for the better good, and care for others. Tolerance for individual differences is developed and celebrated, while diverse learners are supported to reach their maximum potential.


In Florida there are three basic scholarships that are available to autism spectrum children. PLSA Gardiner Scholarship is for children with one of nine specific disabilities or limitations.  Children are eligible from 3 years old through high school...

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Winter Break Pajama Party

The Green Team earned a Pajama Party on the last day of school before Winter Break.  Here they are practicing Jingle Bells before they go Christmas Caroling (visit all the other classes and sing it for them).

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Supplies Lists

Parents are responsible for providing these supplies for each student at the beginning of the school year.  Note that Team colors are not the same as grades.  Students will (usually) stay in the same team color for the duration of their time at Oakstone....

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Announcing our new website

Website redesign with WordPress We have some exciting news.  As you know, our website has been a bit behind the times.  We have been working to update and modernize the website. Here are some of the things that you can expect us to roll out in the next few weeks....

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