Voted Top 3 Private Schools in Palm Beach County!

Providers of holistic education for ASD, ADD, ADHD, gifted, neurotypical students and beyond.

Oakstone is a private school founded on the principle of providing a truly inclusive environment for children with autism spectrum disorders, allowing them to be full participants in the classroom with peers who do not have disabilities. Thanks to talented, highly-qualified teachers and small class sizes, Oakstone Academy Palm Beach can meet the needs of a variety of learning styles.

Oakstone Academy is a special school. The students get an amazing education in a wonderful environment. HIGHLY recommend.

Gary Lesser

The school is the best at what they do because there is no other like it. A track record of over twenty years and a scientifically proven model proves it is the best. Thank you for all you do!

Joe Landy

A loving and respectful place for any child to learn about academics, friends and life. We are blessed to be part of this school.

Jordana Lewis

This school is AWESOME!!! What a great place for kids.

Kenny Chin

“Where are the autistic kids?” That’s what my wife asked when she first toured Oakstone Academy. “You’re looking at them.” The approach to education for autistic children and normal typical peers is just amazing. Our son has made so much progress and longer dreads going to school.

Pat Heyman

One of the best decisions we made was to look into this program for our son! He has really made some great progress and we are so proud of him, and see the value of having a program that embraces learning and personal growth in such unique way! The teachers and staff are terrific! I would highly recommend this program!

Jackie Brooks